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Calendar Eventlist
In this section you can look through all events which are already located in your calendar. In the right corner you can see four buttons with the help of which you can decide through what period of time you want to look. Just set cursor on the any button you like and you'll see help text.
The process of navigation in Calendar section as in other section of Magic Calendar is realized with the help of arrows. (These arrows also have help text).
Add button will help you if you want to add some more events into Magic Calendar, after pressing it you'll be redirected to the Settings section.
Daily view This page is represented by the hourly planning of the day. Each hour in its' turn is divided into four section (quarters of an hour). Every event that has ever been added into the Magic Calendar can be found in this table. To know more about any of the events given in the table, to change or delete something, please click link of this event and you'll be redirected to the new window which allows you to realize these actions.
On Week view page you can see table, in which is given information about hourly planning of every week's day. If you want to look through another week's plans use arrows. By clicking link of any event here, you'll be redirected to the same window as in Daily view section. If you set cursor to the link of one particular day you'll be redirected to Daily view page
Mouth view represents monthly planning. It works the same way as previous section do. By setting cursor to the link of the date you'll be redirected to Daily view page. If you set cursor to the link of the time period, you'll be redirected to the window which gives you more thorough description of this event.
Year view is represented by the table which makes it possible to see plan for the whole year. Days' cells filled with point show that for this day is already settled one or some events. There are cells on the month's field which are differently colored - they are staying for days that belong to the previous or next month. Bright colored cell denotes present day.
As for the rest this page works the same way as previous sections do. It's enough just to click mouth's link to be redirected to the Mouth View page and day's cell to open Daily View page.

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